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Color Season


Sometimes a splash of colors on a canvas; some red, some blue and a little bit of yellow, maybe a hint of green mixed with some purple, creates a masterpiece. As you might have guessed, colors are on our minds at the moment, since holi, the much-awaited festival of colors, […]

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Spring Fashion

Fashion is ever-changing and evolving, just like seasons and adapts to the varying climatic  The demure skirt can jump from cute to meow with a halter or sleeveless top during spring. A brightly colored dress in floral print is synonymous with spring. Our Ethnic collection is not far behind in […]

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Get Ready for Valentine

Who else but we would come to your rescue if you are wondering how to dress for a date on Valentine’s Day? Consider us your personal designer for today, and let us ramble on for a bit about things we know best please. You might just fall head over heels […]

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Animal Prints and their bold styles

The finest clothing made is a person’s skin, but, of course, society demands something more than this.  ~Mark Twain When did the love affair between clothes and behavior start? Why does wearing certain types of clothes make us behave differently? Humans are very emotional beings and women are said to […]

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Black is Beautiful

Mysterious, evil, glamorous, cocktails, flirtatious, in mourning, classy, insane – all these words rejoice in the color BLACK and that’s where LBD just takes the fashion world by storm. This is just one color that manages to tell all without revealing anything – it a secret that is vociferous by […]

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