Color Season

Lora-Printed-RomperSometimes a splash of colors on a canvas; some red, some blue and a little bit of yellow, maybe a hint of green mixed with some purple, creates a masterpiece. As you might have guessed, colors are on our minds at the moment, since holi, the much-awaited festival of colors, is almost upon us. The joy and cheer that this festival brings with it is contagious and welcomed with open arms. With such a rich palette of different shades of the rainbow in the air around holi, we have brought together a rich mix of brightly patterned and eye-catching shades of tops, dresses and bottom-wear for your eyes only.

We revisited our past and dusted the old photo album placed on the corner bookshelf, glimpsed the crimson of a lady’s sindoor adding beauty to her glowing face, saw the cheery yellow on the baby’s tricycle, gawked at the royal purple of the prom dress, marveled at the blushing pink on a new bride’s shy face, drank in the dark blue of the sea in the holiday pictures and compiled all these memories into a rich and versatile collection at Thegudlook. Some of our observations are:

It’s official – blue is going to rule this season. More the darker shades of blue like in the Sadie Mono Print Skater Dress or The Close Shift Dress. While the former is made light with chiffon to give you that airy look the second comes in a gauzy crepe.

Flower Print Spaghetti TopPink – every little girl’s favorite color! Don’t be shy of wearing your innocence around this season with our collection. The Kate Polka Dot Dress is innocent, carefree and cheerful.

We hear that world over the spring runways resembled fields of violet with purple. This color of royalty is definitely here to rule this season. Wear it with panache and hold your head high. Check out the elegance of our Lucy Solid Poplin Dress and let people around you wonder what they must do to catch up!

While we also see yellow, white and florals taking their positions this festive season the combination of black and white is here with confidence. While the duo goes back eons in fashion as partners, this time it crosses the boundaries of professions, conference halls, court rooms to overtake the ramps as well. Be sure to check out our tops section to make an educated decision on what you like best!

Punctuate your wardrobe with the “totally in” orange. A marriage between red and yellow, the color of the setting sun, of visibility and warning radiates warmth and happiness. The Amy Fusion Stretch Fitted Dress with its intricate and delicate patterns will do much more than that for you! The dress spells out elegance in warmth and is complete in every aspect to fit in this season!

White has of course been the color one playfully risks wearing on the day of Holi! How courageous are you in converting your outfit into a canvas? We would recommend thegudlook if you are confident of the talent around you on that day. Otherwise you should just wear that simple white suit you dry cleaned last year and carefully stored away for this year. That should be great too!