Spring Fashion

Fashion is ever-changing and evolving, just like seasons and adapts to the varying climatic buy peplum tops online

The demure skirt can jump from cute to meow with a halter or sleeveless top during spring.

A brightly colored dress in floral print is synonymous with spring.

Our Ethnic collection is not far behind in this quest for being featured in the spring collection; don’t miss the flower pleated Patiala salwar at Thegudllook.


Each color has its importance in the fashion palette but we pick out some every season to mix n match. Teaming up pastels with bright and bold colors makes the clothes funky and eye-catching, just a hint of a vibrant hue on an otherwise light colored outfit can do the trick. Just like this kurtaat Thegudlook.

Designers display their creativity in various styles, by teaming up plain Shirts with printed collars and cuffs, stretch cotton leggings with lace at the bottom, either in monochromatic shades or in clashing colors from the color wheel to create an interesting look.

We recommend wearing loose flowing shirts with sleeves, like the Daisy Shirt from The Gudlook, it is sure to turn heads this spring.

We perceive that spring flowers too have an important role to play in influencing fashion. Some creative thinkers feel that the dainty appearance of the sheer tops could easily be inspired by the fragile beauty of some of these blossoms. The multifaceted flora and fauna of the season inspires designers to create magic with their vibrant colors and varied shapes.

Chiffon print top are great for this season too, and also sheer shirts and floral smock tops.This spring wear fitted jacket, like the Gabbie-floral-print jacket over slim fitting skirts or pants

The palazzo pants from Thegudlook are ideal for spring; they are comfortable, roomy, leggy and flowing.

Finally it all comes down to individual tastes and style preferences, resulting in holistic amalgamation of beauty and creativity. Go with your instincts and wear what appeals to your senses this spring. The vibrant beauty of nature will guide you and make you the fashion diva for any season.